Our PE curriculum has been built to allow children many opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and vocabulary in a broad range of sporting activities, as well as developing values and transferrable life skills such as fairness, resilience and respect.


Miss Ord – the PE lead – is responsible for ensuring that all children are physically active at every opportunity and have the chance to partake in a wide variety of sports. This not only raises the PE profile but also promotes a love for exercise – preparing them for a healthy lifestyle.


Specialist teachers visit our school to deliver engaging yet challenging lessons whilst also promoting positive attitudes towards healthy lifestyles. Our specialist dance teacher, Mrs Le-Louet, and our specialist sports coach, Craig, are fantastic at giving our children the opportunity to develop confidence, competence and enjoyment.

Every year group learns and practises a sequence of movements in dance, to prepare for the whole school dance competition which promotes a love of learning at our school. Mrs Le-Louet also supports our end of year performance to include Dance as one of the performing elements.


Craig delivers football, multi-skills, striking and fielding sessions which broadens our childrens’ understanding and knowledge of a variety of sport and encourages them to develop their skills – preparing them for future tournaments and competitions.


As our school are members of the School Games Mark, the children then have the opportunity to partake in personal challenges, intra- and inter-school competitions and tournaments where children are recognised and rewarded for their physical skills, teamwork and sporting behaviour.

Each term, children participate in an exciting PE reward for continuously bringing in their full PE kit. These PE rewards provide an opportunity to experience a new skill and broadens their sporting experience. For example, judo, skipping, circuits (lead by worldwide athletes) and Clubasize.


The sports profile has grown over the years and teachers are always seeking to find more ways to introduce physical activity into other curriculum subjects, such as Maths and English.  The children have been able to develop cognitive skills whilst increasing their heart rate through active Maths and English.


PE at Castle View would not be so special without our PE ambassadors. A group of Year 6 children encourage children from all year groups to take part in sporting events, develop their ‘personal best’ scores and use their creativity to design different circuits for the children to take part in.


Sports Day is a thrilling and enjoyable day as different stations are suitable for all ages and abilities. Parents are able to follow their child/children to each station that they complete and encourage them to build resilience. The teachers at each station tally up their results for each team that take part and then all results are added together before announcing, and rewarding the winners – a very tense moment for the children and parents!


Extra-curricular clubs held at lunch time and after school allow children to practise and develop their PE skills further in order to prepare for upcoming tournaments and events. These clubs often include from netball, gymnastics, rounders and running.