Welcome to our Peckforton Class


This term will begin with a poetry focus where the children will use a range of figurative language in their writing. We will  compare poems and consider the effect the language has on the reader and the mood created. Extended Writing will continue each Wednesday, which begins with character and setting descriptions. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop their narrative writing skills, using a variety of punctuation and will build their bank of vocabulary. Spellings will be given each week on a Monday and pupils will be tested on a Friday. These are given over two weeks so there is plenty of time for pupils to practise these.
Maths will begin with a focus on mental methods and strategies to calculate. Pupils will increase their knowledge of place value with larger numbers and apply this to problems. Pupils will also develop their knowledge of geometry, including properties of 2D and 3D shape and solving problems with time. Pupils will spend time each day practising mathematical facts that they are expected to recall quickly. The first two weeks will focus on doubles and halves to 20, followed by the 3 times table facts. A times table test is given each Friday and pupils are encouraged to practise these at home.

At the beginning of the term, pupils will be learning about sound. Lessons will involve investigations around changing the pitch
and volume of sounds and finding ways to prevent sound from travelling. This will be followed by a focus on electricity where
pupils will be able to construct a simple circuit and identify and name its basic parts. Throughout both topics, pupils will use a
range of equipment in order to set up their own scientific enquiries where they will be able to make predictions, draw conclusions from their results collected and evaluate their investigation using scientific language.

Computing will now be focused around a computing programme called Purple Mash. Each pupil will have their own unique log in so that they are able to save, store and edit their work in the programme. There will be a strong focus on E-safety so that pupils are aware of the risks of using the internet such as sharing personal information and becoming aware of whom they are speaking to online. Pupils will also develop basic IT skills including typing and controlling a mouse. Throughout this term, pupils will be using the IT suite and iPads to develop their skills which will in time, prepare them for the technological world.
  Research Theme – History and Geography
The first half term will begin with a historical study based on The Romans. Pupils will study the chronology of periods in history as well as life for people during the Roman Empire. Pupils will research significant people and events from the period as well as study maps to locate places connected with The Romans. During the second half of the term, we will study Mountains across Britain. Pupils will have the opportunity to compare extreme weathers and localities across mountain ranges in Scotland and England using maps and information texts.
PE will begin with athletics. Pupils will take part in sessions delivered by one of our sports coaches – Craig. Keep fit sessions will continue to take place weekly and Mental Health and Well-being sessions will be introduced – giving pupils the opportunity to develop confidence, teamwork and resilience amongst other things. During the second half of the term, pupils will develop their orienteering skills through outdoor activities and will also learn to communicate with peers in order to complete a course in the fastest time.
*Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, PE lessons will be taught outside for the foreseeable future. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately: joggers, jumper and waterproof coat can be worn.
  Art and Design
Pupils will complete art work based on The Roman Empire. Pupils will develop shading skills when sketching Roman
artefacts/buildings that still stand today. Pupils will study a contemporary artist –
Michelangelo whose work is based on sculptures, architects and famous paintings such as the
Sistine Ceiling. In the second half of the autumn term, pupils will create their own individual
piece and contribute to a whole class piece for the art exhibition which will be displayed in the classroom
Mrs Shakspeare will teach music on Wednesday and join the choir on a Friday. Children will be given opportunities to explore
different instruments and how these can be applied to pieces of music. They will also participate in games which allow us to
perfect our rhythm.
*Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, music lessons will not be taught in large groups until deemed safe to do so
We understand that children have been away from school for a very long time, and each will have had their own experiences, which we will be sensitive to. We will begin with a focus on readjusting to life after the lockdown and learning to trust the world again. We will engage in many discussions and activities which allow us to share experiences and explore any concerns we may have had.
We will learn about different religions and beliefs around the world and learn about some of the different ways individuals how
their beliefs. We will also learn about the different festivals that take place to celebrate a religion.


Important things to remember

Full school P.E. kit is needed on Tuesday and a Friday this term. Please also ensure that children bring a coat into school in case of light rain during outdoor PE.

READING BOOKS need to be brought into school every day. Children will change their home reader and Library book in school on a Thursday.
*Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, children will only be allowed to touch the book they want to take home, as opposed to flexible browsing. Returned books will be quarantined for 72 hours before being returned to the bookshelf.

HOMEWORK will be set every Friday and will be due back in school the following Wednesday. HOMEWORK CLUB will take place every Thursday for those who are not able to compete their homework at home. Please encourage your child to complete this on a regular basis.

Pupils will also be given spellings to learn and times tables to practise. Both of these will be tested on Friday. After a few weeks of practising each times table, those pupils whom are confident with their recall facts will have the opportunity to take part in the KS2 Times Table challenge.

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