What we are learning about this term in Mow Cop Class.


To start the term, we will begin with a poetry focus where the children will be using a range of figurative language in their writing. We will then move our focus to developing our writing styles through character and setting descriptions, report writing and writing instructions.

In Reading lessons, the children will study a range of poems and focus on the language used, the effect on the reader and the mood being created with this use of language. They will further develop their understanding of figurative language through our class reads.

During our Extended Writing lessons, the children will put their developing skills to good practice with a character description, a recount of a story, diary entries and letter writing. Children will be given the opportunity to include a range of vocabulary and varying sentence types to develop their writing to create images for their readers.

Spellings will continue to be taught in lessons each week and children will be encouraged to practise these wherever possible. We are also focusing on improving handwriting and ensuring all children are writing at the expected standard.


In Maths, the children will work through the Maths No Problem scheme of work. In Term 1, the focus will be on Place Value before moving onto Addition and Subtraction, all within 10,000. During Term 2, the children will look at Multiplication and Division problems within 10,000. Children will continue to work on their recall of multiplication facts and will be exposed to a range of activities to embed their knowledge and recall of these facts, in preparation for the statutory Multiplication Checks, at the end of the year. The children will also continue to complete daily Fluency Flashbacks, which will be amended to focus on meeting the children’s needs, as they are identified.


In Science, the children will be studying Living Things in Term 1, before moving on to experimenting with Electricity in Term 2. The children will be taught to work scientifically and use the correct scientific language in their written and spoken work.

For our Living Things topic, children will learn about the life cycles of different plants and animals, including the food chain and how animals and plants adapt to their environment. We will also be considering a variety of different ways of grouping them, based on their characteristics.

During our topic on Electricity, children will develop their knowledge of electricity. They will construct simple series circuits using different components – exploring using bulbs, buzzers, motors, and switches. They will also use their circuits to create simple devices.

Wider Curriculum – Geography

Our focus for the first half term is Explorers and Adventurers. Following on from their Independent Learning, the children will look at a variety of different explorers and adventurers, considering the reasons for their voyages and the dangers they faced along the way. They will use a range of maps and use eight compass points to ‘explore’ known and unknown locations. They will also develop their understanding of symbols and keys to build knowledge of The UK and wider world, putting it into practice when creating their own maps and plotting the route of one of our famous explorers.

Wider Curriculum – Physical Education

In PE, the children will first be focusing on building their dodging skills, both with and without a ball at their feet, as well as tactics within a team game. Children will then move on to working with our PE specialist who will hold lessons for the children where skills are built upon progressively. 

Wider Curriculum – Art & Design Technology

Term 1 begins with Art and the children will be exploring the work of artist explorers, Margaret Mee and Titian Peale, and looking at the techniques they used to record what they saw on their travels. They will be creating their own sketches and paintings of various exotic animals and plants/flowers in their own choice of medium.

During Term 2, in our D.T. lessons, the children will be combining their learning with our Science topic on electricity and explore circuits and create a working model.

Wider Curriculum – Music

Mrs Shakspeare will continue to teach our Music lessons with the children. They will enjoy rhythm lessons and learning new music and songs, as well as playing an assortment of musical instruments.

Wider Curriculum – PSHE

PSHE lessons will continue to be taught through assemblies and class discussions. The children will be focusing on building relationships and learning about the values for our school, which are ambition, resilience, respect and creativity. We will also use these sessions to discuss our emotions and showing kindness and acceptance to others.

Wider Curriculum – RE

During RE lessons throughout this term, children will be studying Christianity. The children will be discussing the importance of the Bible and how it has authority over the way Christians live their lives. They will also explore morality (making right and wrong choices), before discussing Lent and the importance of sacrifice.

Wider Curriculum – Computing

During our Computing lessons, children will learn about keeping themselves safe online and the importance of this in the day and age they live in. They will then develop their understanding of basic coding.


General Class Reminders

  • Full school P.E. kit is needed on Tuesdays for PE lessons. Children can bring their P.E. kit in once and it can remain here until half term, for convenience.
  • READING BOOKS need to be brought into school every day. Children will have the option of changing their books on a
  • HOMEWORK will be set every Friday and will be due back in school the following Pupils will also be given spellings to learn and mental maths to practise. Both of these will be tested on Friday.


Throughout the term work completed by the children will be put on to our blog.

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Your child’s attendance in school is extremely important.  Time missed is learning that can’t always be made up.

Please ensure your child attends school for 8:40 each day unless there is a very good reason for them to be absent.


If you have any concerns or issues, please do not hesitate to speak to me. Thank you.


Mr Colecliffe