Welcome to our Wellbeing page for parents to support their children and themselves

Having good mental health, helps us relax more, achieve more, and enjoy our lives more. We understand that children and adults may be feeling anxious, stressed, sad, lonely, or frustrated at some point. We sign post all of our children, adults, and school community to the ‘Every Mind Matters’ website: https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/every-mind-matters/.

Free Smiling Minds resource in supporting your own mental health

As we move through this global health crisis together, many of us have been actively engaged in supporting the wellbeing of children
and young people.

Parenting and teaching are all about assisting others. It is critically important that we create regular opportunities for self-care so that we can continue to support others and look after our own wellbeing at the same time.

On the Smiling Mind App you will find a wide range of mindfulness meditations and activities for adults which we encourage you to explore and try out for yourself.

Join us for our 1-hour parent/carer workshops

Did your children sleep well last night? In this session we will explore how the length and quality of sleep
can affect us and our children. Pick up new tips and ideas to promote good quality, restful sleep. We will
also look at how screens affect our children, and share ideas for managing screen time better.

Is your child a fussy eater? It’s easier said than done to get children to try new foods. In this session we will
share tips and techniques to encourage your child to eat more variety. We will also talk through the steps to
food acceptance. We’ll share healthy snack ideas as we look at alternatives to sugary snack favourites.

Everyone has mental health and looking after your child’s mental health has never been so important. This
workshop is based on the 5 ways to wellbeing and will give you tips and advice for supporting your child’s
mental health. We’ll share resources and techniques to promote positive mental health and build resilience.

Fit 4 Life leaflet

Help for parents during COVID-19

Here, you can access some information to assist you and your child during the pandemic. There are other links at the bottom of this webpage where you can find more support.

Halton Mental eHealth Advice for Parents

8 Ways to help children struggling during lockdown

ChatHealth briefing for stakeholders 02.02.21 Halton

Support agencies for parents and children

Parent and Child Wellbeing Poster

Parents & Carer information sheet



Promotion of positive mental wellbeing

The school offers pupils many opportunities to do physical and relaxing activities to promote positive wellbeing:-

  • Dinner time games to play outside
  • Library visits to borrow books to read
  • Home Learning Projects
  • Themed Days
  • Charity Days
  • Summer and Christmas Fairs
  • Residential visits
  • Educational day visits
  • After school clubs


Celebrate Success

The school likes to celebrate the many successes that are children achieve:-

  • Twitter each school day to celebrate what is taking place.
  • Displaying pupil’s work
  • Good work Assembly each week
  • Class Assemblies
  • Positive praise postcards
  • Castle View badges given daily

Mental Health concern for your Child

The school values the support of parents by working in partnership with them to support their child.   If parents have a mental health concern about their child they are most welcome to discuss this with Mrs Williams, the Children’s Mental Health Lead.

Here are some resources that may help:

Talking to your children about Mental Health

Mental Health and Well-being Children’s page

Mental Health concern for yourself or another adult

If parents/carer have a mental health concern about themselves they are most welcome to discuss this with Mrs Hannah Melarangi , the Adult’s Mental Health Lead who can signpost you to support agencies.


Useful information

The children’s mental health charity, Place2be has launched a new website.

It has been created to help parents with situations they may find themselves in with their children.

Topics covered include:

  • Sibling rivalry
  • Cultural identity
  • Trouble sleeping

These topics and more can be found at http://parentingsmart.place2be.org.uk/

Young Minds – Family Support


COVID-19 Government guidance for the public on Mental Health and Wellbeing

Supporting your Mental Health while working from home

Five ways to Wellbeing

Adults as well as children need to look after their emotional wellbeing. Please find activities below for families to complete together.




The best things in life are free posters

Castle View Primary and Nursery School Wellbeing documents

Mental health and emotional wellbeing policy

PSHE policy – 3I’s

Keeping children safe in education – please see our Safeguarding section within the School Information page.