What we are learning about this term in Leasowe Class.


To start the term, we will begin with a poetry focus where children will be using a range of figurative language in their writing. In Reading lessons, pupils will study a range of poems and focus on the language used, the effect on the reader and the mood being created with this use of language. 
Every Wednesday, we will have an Extended Writing lesson where we will start with diary entries and build to work on narrative pieces. Pupils will be given the opportunity to include a range of vocabulary and varying sentence types to develop their writing to create images for their readers.
Spellings will be taught in lessons each day and children will be encouraged to practise these wherever possible. 


Continuing our work with Maths No Problem, lessons will continue to focus on time. Children will then move on to learning about graphs, fractions and measurement. During lessons, children will use concrete resources to secure their understanding before moving to pictorial and abstract representations. Children will continue to complete daily Fluency Flashbacks where they will be retrieving their previous knowledge of multiplication, time, addition and subtraction methods.


In science, the children will learn how light travels and how shadows are formed. Children will investigate what happens to light when different materials are placed in front of it.
Pupils will then move onto studying forces and magnets. These lessons will teach children about magnetic poles and magnetism.
Children will build on their investigative skills and their ability to predict and draw conclusions from these investigations.

Wider Curriculum – History and Geography

Our focus for the first half term is our history focus of Temples, tombs and treasure. Children will be learning about the history of some very prominent eras within our past. These will be things like Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and Ancient Sumner. They will look at how these ancient civilisations built their societies and how religion impacted them.

During the second part of the term, we will change to an author focus of David Walliams. Children will be learning about the historical and geographical links with this author as well as his links to our country and his demonstration of the British Values.

Wider Curriculum – Physical Education

In PE, the children will first be focusing on building their net and ball skills. Children will be introduced to using a racket and ball to begin to learn the skills involved in games of Tennis. Children will be able to relate this experience to national tournaments such as Wimbledon.

Children will move onto learning about team skills needed within games. This is a strand that has ran through all of the children’s PE themes and children will now have the opportunity to explore those skills further.

Wider Curriculum – Art & Design Technology

In art lessons, children will be learning about drawing techniques involved in creating art pieces inspired by the ancient civiliasations. In DT lessons, children will focus on levers and linkages where children can create a pop up book linked with their work in history.


Wider Curriculum – Music

Mrs Shakspeare will teach music on a Friday. Pupils will enjoy rhythm lessons and learning new music as well as playing many musical instruments.


Wider Curriculum – PSHE

PSHE lessons will continue to be taught through assemblies and class discussions. The children will be focusing on building relationships and learning about the values for out school, which are ambition, resilience, respect and creativity.
Children will also have a picture book focus which will allow them to explore the idea of inclusion and celebrating everyone’s differences.

Wider Curriculum – RE

During RE lessons this term, children will be studying Hinduism and learning about the Hindu value of ‘Dharma’ and how this can link to our everyday lives.


Wider Curriculum – Computing

During Computing lessons, children will learn how to use the computer to develop presentational skills. Within this, children will continue to build their typing and mouse skills to become more confident and competent.


Wider Curriculum – Spanish

During Spanish lessons, children will continue to broaden their knowledge of Spanish vocabulary including asking questions about numbers, days of the week, months of the year and basic phrases. Children will build both speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.



General Class Reminders

  • Full school P.E. kit is needed on Thursday for (PE lessons).
  • READING BOOKS need to be brought into school Children will change their home reader and Library book in school whenever they have completed the online quiz.
  • HOMEWORK will be set every Friday and will be due back in school the following Pupils will also be given spellings to learn and times tables to practise. Both of these will be tested on Friday.


Throughout the term work completed by the children will be put on to our blog.

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Your child’s attendance in school is extremely important.  Time missed is learning that can’t always be made up.

Please ensure your child attends school for 8:40 each day unless there is a very good reason for them to be absent.


If you have any concerns or issues, please do not hesitate to speak to me. Thank you.