What we are learning about this term in Halton Class with Miss Mulholland.


This term will begin with a focus on poetry, looking at the vocabulary used, inventing actions, and reciting poetry. The children will be developing their ability to write ‘the perfect sentence’, using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops accurately and independently. They will build up to forming simple sentences independently to write their own poem. The children will use their senses and add adjectives to describe what they can feel, see, hear and smell. The children will learn how to use simple adjectives effectively to write both setting and character descriptions. They will then have a focus on diary entries. They will read a diary entry first, becoming familiar with the structure before combining simple sentences to write their own. In guided reading lessons, the children will be reading a range of short poems and stories, focusing on the characters and settings. The children will complete daily phonics lessons and they will use their phonic knowledge to sound out words and to practise their reading skills.


This term will begin with a focus on place value within ten, consisting of basic number recognition and careful counting within ten. The children will count forwards and backwards within 10 and look at one more and one less that a given number. This will be followed by work on strengthening their knowledge on number bonds to 10. There will be a focus on addition and subtraction within 10, where the children will use resources to aid their learning each lesson. There will be a geometry focus where the children will look at positions, before moving onto numbers to 20. The children will complete fluency flashback questions daily, recapping identifying numbers, shapes, and number bonds.


This term, we will be learning about ‘our senses and the human body’. The children will look at the different body parts of a human. They will focus on what our body parts are used for and will label the body. Then our focus will move onto the five senses, looking into which body part is linked to which sense and how we use these. The children will carry out some simple investigations linked to the senses. For the second half of the term, we will focus on materials, linking this to our history topic of ‘The Circus’. The children will use their senses to explore materials and their properties and will complete some investigations. 

Wider Curriculum – History and Geography

Our focus this term is Geography, and our topic is ‘Our World’. We will have a focus on where we live and what is in our local environment. We will also look at habitats for animals and their environments. Our second focus of the term is History, and our topic is ‘The Circus’. We will look at the circus in the past and how the circus is different now. We will look at significant people in relation to the circus.

Wider Curriculum – Computing

This term, our focus will be on exploring the computers and building their mouse skills. They will then explore Purple Mash, learning how to log in and how to use simple tools. There will also be a strong focus on keeping pupils safe online and the importance of not sharing our passwords with anybody. Then there will be a focus on grouping and sorting where the children will use the computers to place items into the correct groups. 

Wider Curriculum – Physical Education

This term, our focus will be on ‘Locomotion’. Pupils will focus on walking and jumping before moving onto a ball skills focus using their hands. Children will learn different methods of throwing and catching. Pupils will be working with a specialised PE coach developing their skills. They will also look at the importance of communication and teamwork. Pupils will be given the opportunity to work both independently and in a group. The children will have Keep Fit and dance lessons weekly which will focus on developing skills and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

PE lessons will be taught outside wherever possible. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately: joggers, jumper and waterproof coat can be worn.

Wider Curriculum – Art & Design Technology

We will start the term with an art focus, looking at developing our drawing skills. The children will develop their observation skills and will use these to help them. We will focus on an artist and we will develop our line and pattern drawing. For the second half of the term, we will move onto a DT focus where the children will research, design, make and evaluate a freestanding structure.

Wider Curriculum – Music

Mrs Shakspeare will teach the children music lessons on a Wednesday. Pupils will enjoy rhythm lessons and learning new music as well as playing many musical instruments.

Wider Curriculum – PHSE

This term in PSHE, our focus initially will be on classroom rules and the importance of these. We will then have a focus on our ambitions and what we would like to achieve this year. We will then look at our families and people who care for us. We will also look at our feelings and kind vs unkind behaviour.

Wider Curriculum – RE

This term, our focus will be on Christianity. We will look at the importance of nature and looking after living things. We will link this to how all religions believe that there is a God who created the world in the hope that living things should be cared for and looked after. We will look at the Christian church, baptism and we will have a focus on looking after your friends and family.

Wider Curriculum – Spanish

In Spanish lessons, the children will learn greetings. They will apply this by answering the register in Spanish every morning and afternoon. We will learn this through a range of activities and songs, to help secure the children’s knowledge.  


General Class Reminders

  • Full school P.E. kit is needed on Tuesday for PE lessons.
  • READING BOOKS IN BOOK BAGS will need to be brought into school every day. The children’s books will be changed on a FRIDAY.
  • HOMEWORK will be set every Friday and will be due back in school the following Wednesday. Pupils will also be given spellings to learn. These will be tested on a Friday.

Your child’s attendance in school is extremely important.  Time missed is learning that can’t always be made up.

Please ensure your child attends school for 8:40 each day unless there is a very good reason for them to be absent.

Throughout the term, work completed by the children will be put onto our blog or Twitter page. Please look at our work by visiting http://www.castleviewprimaryschool.co.uk/ or Castle_ViewPS

If you have any concerns or issues, please do not hesitate to speak to me after school.