During the beginning of the term, we will focus on reading and writing poems, using a broad range of figurative language. Pupils will be given the opportunity to study different styles of poetry, with a clear focus on how and why language has been used, and its effect on the reader.

Every Wednesday, children will engage in an Extended Writing session, with a starting focus on character and setting descriptions. Pupils will be given the opportunity to include a range of vocabulary and a variety of sentence types to develop their writing.

Spellings will be given out each week. These should be practised at home as well as in school, in preparation for the spelling test on Fridays. They will also be implemented into Guided Reading lessons so that pupils can see the words frequently.




Pupils will begin the term with a focus on Place Value and Mental Calculations. Pupils will learn to develop their sense of number and apply RaPaCoduNumbo to solve some challenging problems. Following this, we will move onto understanding, and solving problems, using the four written methods. Times Tables will be practised daily, beginning with double and halves, then moving onto the 3x table. A times tables test will be given every Friday, so it is encouraged that these are also practised at home.


In Science, pupils will be looking at Forces. There will be a particular focus gravity, friction, air resistance and water resistance. As well as this, pupils will research information about a famous scientist called Isaac Newton. After studying Forces, pupils will look at Light. Pupils will learn how we see things and understand how shadows are formed. Pupils will be exposed to a variety of complex scientific language, and it is expected that this translates into their written work in their books. Pupils will also have the opportunity to take part in several Scientific Investigations.


In Spanish lessons, children will learn how to discuss what the weather is like. As well as this, they will be exposed to a lot of conversational language, which will enable them to talk to their peers in Spanish, and ask and answer different questions. In Spanish lessons, we will complete a range of activities and play lots of games, all of which help to embed the Foreign Language.

Research Theme – History and Geography

In Geography lessons, we will be looking at weather and climate. We will study the effects of climate change and will learn about how we can help to contribute to a better environment.

Within History, we will be looking at the Crime and Punishment. Pupils will learn about significant events and dates that happened within Crime and Punishment. They will also research how certain laws have changed over the years and why we have laws in place.


For the first term of Computing lessons, children will be learning all about Coding. Pupils will understand and learn a variety of commands that make a computer carry out specific instructions. Pupils will also be given the opportunity to enhance their typing skills, using a software called 2Type. This should enable pupils to develop the speed at which they type and their understanding of keyboard shortcuts. There will also be a strong focus for keeping pupils safe online.


In PE we will engage in Athletic activities. In particular, running, throwing and jumping, followed by class competitions. Pupils will be given the opportunity to practise these skills independently and in a group. Keep Fit lessons will focus on developing skills and learning about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Pupils will also take part in Dance sessions with Mrs Le Louet – our specialist Dance teacher which will prepare them for the dance competition at the end of the academic year.


In Art lessons, children will be using different techniques of drawing for different purposes. For example, hatching, cross-hatching and scribbling. They will work from a variety of sources and develop close observation skills using view finders. These new skills will then be presented in the whole school Art Exhibition next term.


Mrs Shakspeare will teach music on a Wednesday and a Friday. On Wednesdays, the children will be able to explore different instruments and how these can be applied to pieces of music. On Fridays, we will form the choir and we will participate in games which allow us to perfect our rhythm.


We will begin with a focus on kindness and how our words can have a powerful impact on the people around us. We will engage in many discussions and activities which allow us to share experiences and explore any concerns we may have had.


Important things to remember

  • Full school P.E. kit is needed on Wednesday (Dance), Thursday (Keep Fit) and Friday for
  • READING BOOKS need to be brought into school Children will change their home reader and Library book in school on a Thursday.
  • HOMEWORK will be set every Friday and will be due back in school the following Children are required to practise their weekly spellings and upload to Google Classroom.
  • Your child’s attendance in school is extremely important. Time missed is learning that can’t always be made up. Please ensure your child attends school for 8:40 each day unless there is a very good reason for them to be absent.

Throughout the term, work completed by the children will be put on to our blog or Social Media pages. Please look at our work by visiting:


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If you have any concerns or issues, please do not hesitate to speak to me after school.