Welcome to our Chester Class

This term will begin with a poetry focus, where the children will develop their use of rich language in their writing. The children will then move on to build their knowledge of setting and character, writing descriptions which they will then use to begin to form longer narratives. The children will have opportunities to develop their sentence structure and begin to use more varied vocabulary and punctuation. During reading lessons, the children will experience a variety of texts and genres, to
develop their understanding of what is read and to broaden their vocabulary. They will develop their ability to draw inferences from images and texts and make predictions based upon what they have read. Also, the children will continue to have daily phonics sessions to help improve their reading and spelling

The focus of this first half term is place value. The children will broaden their knowledge of place value, including larger numbers, and will apply this in different problem-solving contexts. They will learn how to sequence, manipulate, and change these numbers. We will also be supporting the children to recall number bonds to ten with more confidence. The children will then move on to use this knowledge to learn different methods for addition and subtraction, which will then be applied to more complicated word problems. Furthermore, the children will also develop an understanding of the properties of 2D shapes, fractions, and money. Throughout the term, the children will be using a range of practical resources to support their learning. Each week, the children will be given opportunities to practise mathematical facts such as times tables. The initial focus will be upon recalling doubles and halves to 20, which will be followed by the 10, 2- and 5-times table facts. A times table test will be given every Thursday. Therefore, pupils are encouraged to practice these facts at home.

In Science, pupils will be looking at Animals and Humans. There will be a particular focus on what humans need to survive, how we grown and change and a healthy diet. After studying this will look at the Use of Everyday Materials, where the children will explore the properties of a range of materials and carry out investigations linked to the materials. In Science lessons, pupils will be exposed to a variety of complex scientific language and will also be encouraged to generate questions.

In Spanish lessons, children will learn how to use simple words such as hello and goodbye. The children will also be taught to name the days of the week. In Spanish lessons, we will complete a range of activities, and play lots of games, all of which help to embed the language.
Research Theme – History and Geography
During the first half term, the children will learn about The Gunpowder Plot. They will research why and how the plot was planned and the impact this had on the people in London. The children will also look at the chronology of the Gunpowder plot and order the events on a timeline. After half term, the children will move on to a Geography focus and we will be learning about the seven continents and five oceans. This will require us to do a lot of atlas and map work to help us to locate the oceans and continents.

In our Computing lessons, we will be having a focus on E-safety and how we keep ourselves safe online and when they use a range of devices. As well as reminding the children of our schools E-safety rules. The children will be using the Word programme, where they will practise using the mouse and how to type using the keyboard. The children will also be introduced to several other softwares, to support our learning in other areas.

In PE we will be developing our throwing and catching skills. We will play a variety of games and work with partners to practise these skills. In the latter part of the term we will also develop our football skills. *Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, PE lessons will be taught outside for the foreseeable future. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately: joggers, jumper and waterproof coat can be worn.

Art and Design.
In Art lessons, the children will be developing their printing skills. We will print with a variety of materials so that we can see which material creates the effects we want to use in our artwork. We will also use Klimt’s artwork as an example of how printing can be used in large scale art pieces.

Mrs Shakspeare will teach music on a Friday; the children will be able to explore different instruments such as drums and percussion instruments.
*Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, music lessons will not be taught in large groups until deemed safe to do so.

We are fully aware that returning to school after having such a long time off, will be a big adjustment for your child. And we will work very hard to make this as easy as possible for your child. We will ensure that the children know they can share their fears or worries with any staff members if they need to.

In R.E lesson we will having a focus on Christianity and in particular learning and participating in celebrations and festivals such as Harvest, Holy Communion, Christingle and Advent.

Important things to remember

Full school P.E. kit is needed on Monday (P.E), Tuesday (Keep Fit) and Wednesday for (Dance).

READING BOOKS need to be brought into school every day. Children will change their home reader and Library book in school on a Friday.
*Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, children will only be allowed to touch the book they want to take home, as opposed to flexible browsing. Returned books will be quarantined for 72 hours before being returned to the bookshelf.

HOMEWORK will be set every Friday and will be due back in school the following Wednesday.

Social media – PE days

Early Reading Statement

Help your child learn to read by helping them say the sounds correctly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUCUhHUDZIY