Beeston 1/ Nursery Class- Summer Term 2022

We hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter and are ready for a fun filled summer term! We are looking forward to sharing new experiences together and developing our learning further.


Our main themes for this term are ‘I wonder what happened before?’ (Summer 1) and ‘I wonder what will happen next? (Summer 2)’. Our mini themes/ possible ideas include growing and changing, plants and flowers, life cycles, dinosaurs, global warming and the next generation! We will be reading and exploring the stories: Little Bear’s Spring, Pip and Egg, The Extraordinary Gardener, Dear Dinosaur, The Queen’s Handbag, Someone swallowed Stanley, Robots Robots Everywhere and of course many more! We will also be exploring other texts and some key celebrations, including The Queens Jubilee, Healthy Eating week and Sports Day which we will celebrate together in school. We will be exploring these exciting stories through all areas of learning and developing the children’s knowledge and skills through exciting and engaging activities. However, these books and topics may change as we adapt our planning to the current needs and interests of the children.

Communication, Language and Literacy

During this term, we will be exploring a range of books based on our main themes ‘I wonder what happened before?’ and ‘I wonder what will happen next?’. The children will be given many opportunities for group discussions alongside one-to-one adult interactions that will support articulation, introduce new vocabulary, develop listening skills, and build their confidence to answer questions and contribute.

We will continue to participate in daily phonics sessions to build the foundations for early reading. Our focus will be on alliteration and voice sounds which we will explore through fun games and activities. We will be listening hard and tuning in to initial sounds. We will revisit and recap on elements of previous aspects of the phase 1 phonics scheme to practise retrieval skills.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This term, the focus will be on the transition to reception and preparing for this change. We will think about how the children need to become more independent as they continue to grow. We will talk to the children about their transition to reception and the change in daily routines, so they feel more confident and comfortable in September. We will be encouraging the children to participate in new activities and explore new areas of the classroom environment. We will be working hard, practising for our lyrical recital which will support to develop the children’s confidence in new situations. We will support the children to build upon their ideas during imaginary play as well as encouraging them to discuss their feelings comfortably and identify emotions within themselves and others.

Physical Development

This term the children will continue to focus on putting their coats on independently and pulling up a zip after being started by an adult. We will support the children to use a comfortable grip when mark making ensuring they focus on using their dominant hand. We will introduce a snack once a week that the children can enjoy whilst using a knife and fork.

Mathematical Development

This term in maths, the children will begin by continuing to strengthen their understanding of numbers to 5, knowing the composition of each number in depth and its importance. We will continue to work on subitising (being able to recognise several objects without counting) and build upon our knowledge of more and less by exploring one more and one less. We will use our existing knowledge of shape to recognise shapes within our environment.


Understanding of the World

At the beginning of this term, we will be looking at how we have changed and grown so far in our lives. We will look at photos sent in from home from when we were babies, toddlers and how we look now. We will look at how we have grown and changed and discuss in a group. We will notice and explore the outdoors for changes that occur during spring and summer and introduce the term season. Using ‘Pip and Egg’ as a key text we will focus on the process of planting and look closely on how we then care for our plants and the environment around us.

Expressive Arts and Design

This term, the children will help create our wonderful role play areas, such as a garden centre and a dinosaur museum that link closely to our book themes. We will also develop the children’s painting and drawing skills, where they will be given the opportunity to colour mix and paint their own gardens. They will have the opportunity to make flowers using tissue paper and pipe cleaners, as well as printing using different fruits and vegetables. The children will continue to attend singing workshops with Mrs Shakespeare every week. They will learn lots of new songs and actions and play lots of different musical instruments (in response to music). The children will be encouraged to explore musical instruments in the provision to make their own music and create their own songs.

Wow moments

We would love to hear about any significant events your child takes part in at home or when they do something amazing. If you have any pictures of significate events or have amazing moments you would like to share with us, please post these on your child’s 2Evidence me account.

General class Reminders

  • BOOK BAG and READING BOOK need to be brought into school every day.
  • Share a book every day at home with your child to encourage their love for reading.
  • Support them in writing their name using the letter formation rhymes.
  • Don’t forget to sign up and share photos and WOW moments of your child using your child’s Evidence Me account. 
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Mrs Gordon