Beeston 1 / Nursery Class- Autumn Term 2021


​This term, we will be focusing on settling into new routines and rules, as well as exploring the learning opportunities in the classroom provision and outdoor learning environment. Our overarching themes for Autumn Term are ‘I wonder…. What is special about me?’ and ‘I wonder… How do people celebrate?’. We will be reading and exploring the stories: Ruby’s Worry, Pete the Cat Rocking His School Shoes, The Colour Monster, In Every House on Every Street and The Leaf Thief. We will also be exploring some key celebrations, including Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Diwali, and Christmas, and we will be celebrating these together in school.

Personal, Social and Emotional
This term, we will be focusing on forming strong relationships with our teachers and peers. We will be getting to know our new class friends and children will be encouraged to join in play with old and new friends. Children will be made aware of their own peg, book bag and name card, to promote a feeling of identity within the classroom. They will learn to develop independence by selecting and using activities and resources through their play.

Expressive Art and Design

The children will help create our wonderful role play areas that link closely to our book themes. They will be encouraged to share their ideas and use resources to create props etc. The children will learn lots of new rhymes with actions and they will have the opportunity to play lots of different musical instruments in response to music. We will engage in small world play and pretend play, with a focus on imagining objects stand for other things.

Understanding of the World
This term, we will be spending lots of time exploring people who are familiar to us like our friends and family. We will discuss who we live with and who is in our family. To support these discussions, your child will be sent home with a small book for you to complete. We ask you to fill this book with photographs of your child’s family and label the photographs with names. Don’t forget to include the family pet! Once completed, please send it back to school, and we will send it home again at the end of the school year!
The children will be focusing on counting slowly and accurately from numbers 1 to 5, and beyond if appropriate. They will also start to develop the ability to sort and match objects. Children will learn that collections can be sorted into sets based on attributes, such as: colour, size or shape. There will be lots of opportunities for the children to explore and match objects which are the same. There are always lots of mathematical activities available for the children to access independently. We aim to provide children with daily, purposeful play maths activities related to the current topics.
Physical Development
We will be developing our fine and gross motor skills along with our hand-eye coordination, by making bracelets through threading and using scissors to cut. The children have daily access to a range of finger gym activities in the provision, to develop strength in their fingers to help hold a pencil correctly. The children have daily, free flow, access to our outdoor area. The outdoor area offers a range of activities designed to develop their gross motor skills.
Communication and Language
We will be learning to sing lots of nursery rhymes and songs to help develop our speech and language skills. Through the books we share together, we will develop an understanding of new words and develop our vocabulary. To develop their communications skills, the children will be given plenty of opportunities to share their news and express their opinions, through their free play and planned learning opportunities.





During this term, the children will have a range of books read to them, with a focus on new routines, rules and feelings. We will engage in extended conversations about these stories, and we will take opportunities to discuss new vocabulary found. The children will be supported to recognise and write their first name and develop their mark making skills.  They will be engaging in daily Phase 1 phonics activities, in which they will develop their listening and attention skills.



Important things to remember

Your child’s attendance in school is extremely important.  Time missed is learning that can’t always be made up.

Please ensure your child attends school for 8:40 each day unless there is a very good reason for them to be absent.

Label all items of clothing- especially coats, cardigans and jumpers!

Each child has been given a book bag and book for you to enjoy at home together. To develop independence, your child independently changes this book as part of their morning routine. If the same book keeps coming home, please let a member of staff know so we can encourage them to find another book to share with you.

If you have any concerns or issues, please do not hesitate to speak to any member of the EYFS team. You can always arrange a time to speak to myself, Mrs Edwards, on the phone or I can offer a sit down, face to face meeting by prior arrangement.

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