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Castle View Primary and Nursery School

Our intent

At Castle View Primary School, we welcome all learners into a safe, secure and stimulating environment where high standards are expected, practised and achieved.

Here, creativity is nurtured and discovered through the exploration of the imagination. Pupils experience the joy of learning, discovery and personal growth so that they leave our school well-prepared for the next stage in their education and life in the wider world, with the knowledge, skills and character to succeed. Education here is about the fusion of excellence and enjoyment. Learners do better when they are excited and engaged, when there is joy in what they are doing, they learn to love learning.

English and Maths will be the backbone of our pupils’ success in learning. The curriculum we offer fires children’s imagination, is challenging, yet enables all to experience success regardless of their ability.

We will build on our strengths to serve the needs of our learners using the skills of everyone in the school.

“Where high standards are expected, practised and achieved.”

This sits at the heart of our curriculum and can be seen in its construction, which ensures learning beyond the National Curriculum.

Our four school values are as follows:

  • Aspiration
  • Resilience and Respect
  • Creativity

We support students and teachers alike so they hold high standards of themselves, continually recognising growth in the exploration of individual potential, leading to excellent academic and personal achievement.

Children are encouraged to articulate their understanding, which helps to develop their confidence and also establish excellent communication, speaking and listening skills. They are taught to clearly discuss and share their thoughts and ideas and do so with enthusiasm. Castle View children enjoy articulating what they have been taught and, as a result, feel confident in questioning their peers and teachers in a constructive and respectful manner.

To find out more about our curriculum, please visit the ‘School Information’ page where you can access our Curriculum Frameworks.

You can also read and learn about our ‘Curriculum Highlights’ by clicking on the tab at the tops of this page.

In each class tab, you can find what the current focuses for learning are.




Mrs L Gordon


Miss C Shalders

Year 1
Miss L Mulholland

Year 2
Miss E Bedford

Year 3
Miss A Sheady

Year 4
Mr A Colecliffe

Year 5
Miss M Santos and Miss J Ord

Year 6
Mrs R Vick

Useful Links

We are very proud to announce that we are now a Music Ambassador School.

We highly value music, singing and performance in our school and are thrilled that the quality in the children’s performance skills has been recognised.


To find out more about the Accent Music Hub, please click on this link:  https://www.accentmusiceducationhub.co.uk/.

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School day: 8:40am - 3pm (4pm for children attending school enrichment clubs). This amounts to 31.6 hours in a typical week.